Review of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

5 star

Wow!  The13330943 Night Circus is a book that I didn’t want to end!  It’s a beautifully written, magical story set in the late 1800s/early 1900s about a circus that opens at night and comes without any prior knowledge.  No advertisements, no announcements, but  at each and every place a crowd gathers.  The wonderment contained in this circus is far beyond what anyone has ever seen before.  Behind the scenes of the circus, a battle ensues between two of the magicians Marco and Celia , but not your typical battle.  A battle the two of them have been “training” for since childhood. The battle becomes complicated when Marco and Celia fall in love and discover that only one will be left alive by the end of the battle.  What will they do?

Erin Morgenstern does an amazing job transporting the reader into this magical world of the Cirque des Reves (Circus of Dreams).  Each and every time I opened up this book, I felt completely transported into the world of the Cirque des Reves.  A good fantasy book should take the reader on an adventure and give them an escape from the real world around them.  This book delivers that escape in a most incredible way!  The writing by Erin Morgenstern is so good that you can see the beauty of the circus tents,  you can visualize the beautiful costumes, you can smell the circus treats.  It feels as if you are sitting right there in the circus performances or part of the meetings about the circus. It is by far my favorite book of 2015 so far.  I believe it will be a hard one to beat as my favorite book of the year.

I recommend this book to everyone, whether or not you are a fan of fantasy.  I have only started reading fantasy over the past few years, but I believe this book goes far beyond a book for fantasy lovers.  It’s just such a beautiful story with magic, wonderment, love and friendship that will take you away.  I do not typically reread many books, but this one I’m sure I will reread someday.  It is that good of a story, that I know I would enjoy reading it again…and again and again. It will make you think about what’s real and what’s not.  What’s a dream and what’s reality?  The characters, the events, the scenery, everything comes alive in The Night Circus.  It is a book that is hard to describe how truly wonderful it is, you just need to jump in and read it to experience the beauty of The Night Circus for yourself.

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