Book Haul-Beach Buys


My family and I are just back from a beach (“Down the Shore” as we say around here) vacation in Wildwood, N.J.  Of course, when we found a local used bookstore, Hooked on Books, stopping in was a must!  The store was a bit pricey, but I enjoy supporting local indie bookshops from time to time.  Also, I now have a bunch of new to me books to read that are a great souvenier from our trip.  🙂IMG_4810

It was a lot of fun to wonder through the shelves with my mom and my 11 year old (fellow booklover) daughter.  She actually took
these pictures of the bookstore that I’ve added to this post.  The shop was actually pretty well organized by genres which made digging through lots of books very pleasant and fun.


So, now here’s what I bought when I visited Hooked on Books in Wildwood, N.J. :

  1.  Goodreads
  2.  Goodreads
  3.  Goodreads
  4.  Goodreads
  5.  Goodreads
  6.  Goodreads
  7.  Goodreads
  8.  Goodreads
  9.  Goodreads
  10.  Goodreads

They also had a select few new books 20% off so I picked up:

11.   Goodreads

Have you read any of these books?  Are there any that I should bump up to the top of my TBR pile?

Do you find local bookshops while on vacation?  Do you have a favorite book you picked up while on a vacation?

If you’ve read the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny, do you suggest reading the series in order or can you jump around and only read some of the books in the series?

IMG_4811 IMG_4809






4 thoughts on “Book Haul-Beach Buys

  1. I love bookstores like that. There is one downtown where I live called Attic Books and it is packed with all kinds of books. The smell of ink and paper fills the halls and there is a faint scent of musty furniture from the old chairs at the back of the place. I don’t know whag

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    1. That sounds exactly like how this store was! It was a really fun experience and I loved it as well. To my knowledge, there’s not a used bookstore like this one near where I live. The closest thing I have is a pretty large used book annex at one of my local Barnes and Nobles. I’ll definitely be visiting the beach bookstore the next time we head to the beach, hopefully sometime next summer. How nice it must be for you to have a store like this near where you live! How fun! 🙂

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